FAQ – Victorian Aboriginal Funeral Service

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FAQ - Victorian Aboriginal Funeral Service

How to get in contact:

For funeral enquiries, please contact funerals@aal.org.au – Usually you will have a response within 24 hours.

For after-hours pick up of the deceased please call Rick Murphy at 0401 523 722
Due to a high level of phone calls the email provided is the best way to reach our funerals team.

If you need to contact Stacey directly, please email her at staceyh@aal.org.au

What does the Victorian Aboriginal Funeral Service do?

Our role requires the co-ordination of many aspects of the funeral process. From first receiving the call about the passing of your loved one until they are farewelled at their funeral.

What we do includes:

  • The transferring of your loved one from the place of death.
  • Arrange and co-ordinate the funeral service.
  • Provide mortuary care.
  • Supply a selected coffin.
  • Liaise with clergy, cemeteries/crematoria, florists and newspapers.
  • Attend to relevant administration and documents. For example, doctor’s certificate sand burial/cremation orders.
  • Make our facilities and equipment available for the families to use.
  • Attend and conduct funeral services.
  • In some cases we will transport your loved one to a crematorium and arrange for the return of the ashes to the family.

Who do we offer services to?

Our service acts as a funeral home. We accept all types of funerals however, our priority remains with the Victorian Aboriginal community. We provide the Aboriginal community with a funeral option that cuts cost and alleviates the stress of debt when possible. You can discuss eligibility for funeral support when enquiring through the services email – funerals@aal.org.au

How do we make funerals affordable?

Removing the financial burden of funerals can be extremely important to grieving families. The trauma of death is already significant. By assisting Aboriginal families with cost effective, culturally sensitive funerals, VAFS is providing them with a safe and affordable place to say farewell.

We keep costs low by offering families the at cost prices and low administration fees. Offering the lowest price possible at all times.

What is different about Victorian Aboriginal Funeral Service and why are we important?

Unlike other funeral homes, we have a focus on providing culturally appropriate funerals to Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Our service runs from the Aborigines Advancement League, which has been an Aboriginal organization since 1957. The AAL ensures that all of its programs are run by a predominantly Aboriginal staff and that they all cater to the Victorian Aboriginal community in an appropriate and sensitive manner. The Victorian Aboriginal Funeral Service also commits to taking the deceased home to country and will provide advice/assistance with this when possible.

Where does VAFS operate?

2 Watt St, Thornbury, Victoria 3071.

We offer services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders across the state of Victoria.

Who supports the Victorian Aboriginal Funeral Service?

Currently the VAFS is not a government funded project. It is predominantly run at the cost of the Aborigines Advancement League and tax-deductible community donations.

How can I help?

Because we are funded by the Aborigines Advancement League and donations we often run at low cost or at a loss for the service. We would appreciate any support possible by clicking our donation button. If you would like more information or have a specific funeral you’d like to donate to, please contact funerals@aal.org.au

Information on Centrelink:

There is a bereavement payment available to eligible care-givers and partners through Centrelink. Both payments need to be in receipt of a care-giver or partners payment.

For more information/Form access – https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/sa116

Pay the Rent:

Pay the Rent is able to contribute towards funeral expenses, as well as general expenses during Sorry Business. To apply, please visit https://paytherent.net.au/formob/ . The form will take 5 minutes to complete – information you will need: funeral home details, date of passing and bank details for Sorry Business payments. The form helps them quickly gather the information so they can support you.

For urgent matters, please text the Pay the Rent Funerals Support number. Please note that the Funerals/Sorry Business support phone number only operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 12pm.

Funeral Support Ph: 0473 238 622

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