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Human Resources Unit

Three staff members:

  1. Accountant
  2. Assistant Bookkeeper
  3. Receptionist


To manage the financial operations of the AALI in line with its aims and objectives and funding requirements.

  • Maintain financial records monthly which includes computer processing, monthly expense accruals, grants due and pre-paid and allocation of expenses to other divisions;
  • Prepare comprehensive monthly management reports;
  • Prepare acquittals for LGNH, Maloga, the Funeral Service, quarterly and other acquittals as required;
  • Reconcile all short term call accounts and journal entries each month;
  • Reconcile all general ledger transactions;
  • Prepare Business Activity Statements quarterly and other reports as required;
  • Prepare year end financial accounts for external audit;
  • Prepare funding budget for all programs.
  • Prepare Board meeting financial reports.
  • Manage cheque and account payments through EFT, BPay and by cheque;
  • Contractors for Repairs/Maintenance
  • Oversee purchase authorization and certification;
  • Insurance Claims
  • Properties
  • Fixed Assets
  • Manage insurance claims
  • Assist Unit Co-ordinators to acquit their program funds;
  • Manage and maintain a filing/records system, including the use of an easily retrievable accounting data base;
  • Provide staff training where necessary
  • Observe all conditions of employment outlined in League’s employment agreement.


Responsible to the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Responsible for oversight of Assistant Bookkeeper and Receptionist.
    responsible for:
  • Control fixed assets register and depreciation schedule;
  • Control investments and bank accounts, maximizing use of surplus funds through short term call accounts;
  • Monitor payments due through DHS. DHA and other programs;
  • Oversee preparation of staff wages including;
  • Time sheets, sick and annual leave
  • Group tax and group certificates
  • Work cover levy
  • Superannuation
  • Monitoring award rates


To attend reception desk and answer the phone and any enquiries from clients or public.

  • Answer phone.
  • Take messages and pass on to appropriate staff members.
  • Refer clients to appropriate staff members.
  • Receive faxes and distribute to other staff members.
  • Hall bookings.
  • Filing as required by CEO.
  • Implement a roster system for reception.
  • Assist assistant bookkeeper when required.
  • Forward appropriate emails to staff.
  • Photocopy as required.
  • Any other duties as directed by the CEO or the Accountant.

Assistant Bookkeeper

To assist the Accountant and the CEO in managing the financial operations and administration of the AALI in line with its aims and objectives and funding requirements.

  • Petty Cash
  • Mail
  • Collect rent account for LGNH
  • Banking
  • Purchasing
  • Filing
  • Prepare Tax Invoices for hall hire
  • G.S.T on petty cash
  • Get cheques signed
  • Prepare time sheets
  • Loan Records
  • Email
  • Word Processing
  • Arranging A.G.M’s.
  • Photocopying
  • Vehicles log books
  • Petrol analysis
  • LGNH report
  • Other duties as directed by the CEO or the Accountant
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